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About the artists:

Our labels artists 

- K'sadhu

- Square Pirate: Addagio a.k.a. Dick Dexter & K'sadhu a.k.a. Bold Bosun

- The Martian Trilogy: Kuba Kasznia, Zbyszek Kunkowski, Igor Wójcik, Konrad Zientara

- Zwischenwald: Marcin Fiałkowski, Tomek Góra, Kuba Kasznia, Konrad Zientara

- IF - Instytut Fal: Tomek Góra, Kamil Kryk, Konrad Zientara

- Pravda: Kuba Słomkowski, Konrad Zientara

- and many others...

About all the other things:


For those interested in some jam-sessions in Warsaw - just e-mail us!

Who we are?

The people behind the project: Konrad K'sadhu Zientara, Maja Ratyńska and friends.

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NieZBA.rex - an independent publisher, part of NieZBA - open, independent gathering of artists and artisans.